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Human Rights Abuses During the Syrian War

The war is Syria is proof that humans must learn to live in peace or perish together as fools. The armed conflict in Syria began during the Arab spring protest that shook North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Sadly, the war is still ongoing with the situation getting worse each day. No person would have foreseen the war lasting so many years and claiming hundred of thousands of innocent lives. More than 500,000 people have been killed because of the armed conflict in Syria.

The war in Syria is fought between two opposing factions namely the Syrian government or Assad regime Vs rebels. Because several countries are part of the conflict, the Syrian civil war is very complicated affair. As the war claims more lives, no person can predict when the Syrian war will come to and end. Every body in world wants and the Syrian war to come to an end.

Civilian abuse

The civil war in Syria has claimed above five hundred thousand people. Millions of civilians have also been badly injured due to the war. Millions of people are currently displaced in their own country while others have escaped the country. The number of deaths and injuries in this war are simply out of this world. The Syrian government is responsible for killing hundred of thousands of people. The regime that is led by Assad has also used chemical weapons (chlorine gas) causing death to thousands of people. On the other hand, the rebels have also caused mass murders in the conflict. Syria has violated every possible rule set aside to protected civilians in the time of war. Kids and women has been severely injured in the Syrian conflict.

Restricting aid

Other than the number of deaths and injuries in the Syrian war, numerous aid agencies have repeatedly been blocked from reaching the people that need aid the most. By blocking these suppliers, the situation is Syria is dire because the injured cannot access urgent medical aid they badly need, while the internally displaced persons have been denied food supplies many times.

Starvation is a serious threat to the life of many people in Syria because aid is being prevented from reaching it’s destination. The Syrian war has also caused many women to be raped.

No resolution

The Arab League of Nations and the UN have for a long time tried to end the conflict but have not succeeded. The Assad government has blatantly refused to engage the group of rebels it calls terrorists. The Syrian war shows no signs of ending presently. The prayer in the world over is for world leaders to unite in order to end the suffering and death of the Syrian people.

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